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Conjugated systems and aromatics test

Note that you must have a Javascript capable browser to take quiz
Hints cost 5 points each

Difficulty Rating:

easy= easy mediummedium= medium hardhardhard = hard extremely hardextremely hardextremely hardextremely hard= extremely hard
For Questions 1 and 2, refer to the following reaction:

1. The kinetically controlled product in the above reaction 
is: easy


2. For the reaction in Question 1, which one is the result
of 1,4-addition?easy


3. What is the major product of the following reaction:easy


None of the Above

4. Which of the following compounds have no conjugated 
5. For a diene to undergo Diels-Alder reaction it must:mediummedium

be substituted with electron-withdawing groups.
be able to adopt an s-trans conformation
be substituted with electron-donating groups
be able to adopt the s-cis conformation

6. Which of the following would have the longest
 wavelength absorption in its UV spectrum.  mediummedium

7. Which of the following are aromatic:hardhardhard

Both A and D
8. Indicate which spectral technique would best be used
to distinguish between the following compounds:hardhardhard

IR Spectroscopy
Mass Spectrometry
UV Spectroscopy

9. Which of the following are antiaromatic:hardhardhard

Both A and B
Both C and D

10. What is the major product of the following 
reaction:extremely hardextremely hardextremely hardextremely hard

No Reaction


**Note: Grader will only explain incorrect answers**

Grading Scale
A 80-100 Outstanding
B 70-79 Very Good
C 60-69 Average
D 50-59 Below Average
F Below 50 Failing


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